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Suggestions About Garage Doors

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Suggestions About Garage Doors

Good advice is hard to find, which is why it's a good thing you ended up on this page. Our professional garage door technicians have some great tips to share with you. You can check them out below.

Pay your garage door some extra attention while it's opening and closing

It can be easy to fail to notice a problem with something like your garage door. Most of us lead busy lifestyles and we don't really realize something is wrong unless it directly affects our routine. Looking and listening to your garage door as it opens and closes takes a few moments but can help you discover problems during their early stages. When your garage door breaks down unexpectedly, you'll have no trouble noticing something's wrong with it, but by then getting it fixed will be a lot more expensive.

Your garage door can benefit from regular cleaning

During winter, your garage door panels will be exposed to the elements for several months, which will most likely degrade their condition to some degree. This means that when spring comes around, you'll probably want to give the exterior of the door a good scrubbing and wash them off. This will also help you preserve their curb appeal.

A wooden garage door needs a lot of attention

Although wooden garage door panels look fantastic, they will require some additional efforts on your part to stay in good condition. Check them regularly for nicks, cracks and scratches, but also keep an eye out for warping, rotting or termites. Whenever you apply a fresh coat of varnish, make sure it is specifically made to be used outdoors and has a good UV protection rating.

Take care of rust spots immediately

If your steel garage door has suffered a mild bump causing a spot of paintwork to chip off, keep an eye out for the appearance of rust. If left unchecked, even a small red-brown spot can develop into a very large stain. Sand it off and apply the area with a quality rust inhibitor before painting it over.

Make sure the tracks are aligned

If your garage door is noisy, try lubrication maintenance and also check the tracks. If the brackets, bolts, and nuts securing the tracks are loose, it's possible the tracks won't be aligned and might get noisy. The rollers might also be damaged, causing the door to jam.

Why has my garage door begun to squeak?

Whether you want it or not, a time will come when your garage door starts to get squeaky. Usually, this is due to natural wear and tear. Every now and then, you are advised to add lubricant to the moving parts to keep it in good condition and prevent rust from setting in.


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