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  • Make sure the tracks are aligned

    If your garage door is noisy, try lubrication maintenance but also check the tracks. If the garage door brackets, bolts and nuts securing the tracks are loose, the garage door tracks won't be aligned and be noisy. The rollers might be damaged and the door will jam.

  • When do squeaky garage doors happen?

    Whether you want it or not, time will come with your garage doors start to get squeaky. This is due to constant use. Every now and then, you are advised to use lubricants so that you won’t reach the point when the door gets squeaky.

  • How can garage door injury be avoided?

    Children are usually the victims of garage door injuries. This is why garage door repair Oak Park suggests you to inform your kids to stay away from the garage especially when you are opening or closing the door. Ask them to play somewhere else.

  • When should garage door replacement be made?

    Buying a new garage door and having it installed is a daunting task and expensive too. Therefore, before you decide to buy a new door to replace the old one, make sure that you are financially capable. If not, garage door repair is the best way out. Remember, this only applies when the garage door is at a state where it can still be 'saved'.

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