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Garage Door Springs

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Our garage door springs service ranks high on our list of priorities at Garage Door Repair Oak Park.  In the community are garage door company is known at the garage door springs experts and we are proud to have earned such and esteemed reputation.  It should be known however that this is not the only garage door service we offer or are dedicated too.  Nevertheless, it is one of the most important because of the possible dangers that are involved. If there is one garage door service that should be left to the professionals; it is garage door springs.  Allow our garage door contractor in Oak Park take the risk so you will be safe.Garage Door Springs

Our company is in the domain of garage door repair services for long. Consequently, our experience is guaranteed. We can also promise committed and knowledgeable technicians, who have the knowhow to provide services efficiently. Customers can be sure that we can fix all parts and ensure good operation. We offer maintenance service, are experts in the installation of new garage doors and parts, replace broken components and fix opener problems. We can check and repair the sensors and rest assured that we take care of similar urgent problems very fast. We actually offer same day emergency repairs and know how to identify issues and how to solve them. Since we care about the safety of customers, we do inspect and maintain the opener properly and replace all parts as fast as possible.

We are certain that our broken spring repair/replacement service is one of the best you will find anywhere in the Windy City area.  This statement is not made out of arrogance but rather out of the total confidence in the staff and garage door techs that are the backbone of our garage door company in Oak Park.  They are highly skilled and even more motivated towards the unified goal of proving the community with their entire garage door springs needs.  It takes someone like one of our professional garage door techs to wound these springs to the proper industry specifications.  There are two different types of springs and they are wound in accordance with their requirements.

The torsion spring is designed to be mounted on heavier garage doors. 

They are mounted at right and left center of the garage door so that they will gain more leverage to lift the weight.  These springs are wound so tight that if one of these were to break and snap back the blow could easily be fatal.  Many people have been severely injured over the years and some even gave their lives in the attempt to wound and mount the torsion spring.  It is always best to have a professional install it for that reason.

The extension spring is wound very tight as well and can also be extremely risky to mount if you are unskilled in the process.  Both the extension and the torsion come in pairs and the extension is mounted to the far right and left side of the door.  This spring is typically utilized on doors that do not weigh as much.  If one of your garage doors springs break you might as well change both of them just like you would your automobile breaks.

You can get both of these springs in galvanized garage door springs.  These springs are coated with a special bond of iron and zinc to 3600 psi.  This is accomplished through a metallic reaction.  This coating does not make the springs stronger; but it does make them last longer than your average garage door spring by a long shot.  In addition, they look a lot better as well.  They will cost a little more but it will be worth it in the long run.

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