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Garage Door Springs, Oak Park IL

Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment, easily weighing more than 150 pounds. This weight is carried by the springs in your door system, which stretch and strain every time the system is cycled open or closed. This repeated stress causes the springs to wear out over time – many torsion and extension springs only have a working life of a few years.

Replacing Broken Springs

All springs have a breaking point - if yours wear out completely they’ll eventually snap. If this happens, it'll make your door impossible to use, and you'll likely require an emergency replacement to get it working again. Don’t be tempted to try this yourself - replacing springs requires training and experience, so contact our technicians for assistance. If you have a larger door, with springs fitted in pairs, both springs may need to be replaced in order to maintain even tension across the system.

When Do Springs Break?

No homeowner wants to go through the hassle and expense of replacing a broken spring. It can be dangerous, too. This is why it’s always best to try and catch springs before they fail. Most springs will last several thousand cycles before they wear out, but this can vary massively; cheap units will last around 3,000 cycles, whereas higher-quality ones can be expected to continue working for up to 10,000 cycles.

Warning Signs Of A Failing Spring

Springs rarely fail out of the blue - they weaken gradually over time. Watch out for a door that wobbles or sways as it moves, or one that can’t support its own weight. These are all signs that your springs are weakening and are probably in need of replacement. If this sounds like your door, be sure to arrange an appointment with our technicians as soon as possible - it’s far easier and safer to replace springs before they break.

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If your springs need to be replaced, Garage Door Repair Oak Park is the team to call. Contact us today to arrange a fast, reliable repair service that you can count on.

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